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In the past 10 years, even before starting sleep consulting, I have turned to yoga every single time my world felt like it was crashing. I have always felt better after getting off my mat, and never have I needed the peace and grounding I found in yoga more than after I became a mom.

What was interesting is that in those first few months postpartum, I wasn’t craving my usual yoga routine. I needed something different, something special. I needed a balance of movement and peace. I desperately needed to open up my chest and stretch my arms from hours of being hunched over holding and nursing my baby. I needed to just lay down… and. not. move.

My yoga needs rapidly evolved as the months went by, from less movement to more movement, but some things never changed. I needed to be done in 60 minutes. Gone were the days of luxurious 90-minute yoga classes.

I want yoga sequences that I can keep up with daily. That don’t take more than 60 minutes to accomplish because honestly If it were longer, I wouldn’t be able to make a habit of it. I want a practice that targets the parts of my body that are working the hardest during this period of physical exertion with two little ones. And I know I am not alone. 

I am a teacher at Yoga Loft, Luxembourg and I would love to have you join my practice!

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