The Best Travel Products For Great Sleep On The Go


Travel season is upon us, and I wanted to share some of my game changer travel products that make sleeping away from home a breeze.


This one is always going to top my list.

It comes nicely packed in a bag so you can throw it in a suitcase, the car, or a backpack. The magic of this product is that you then no longer need to stress about your accommodations. If you are heading to the beach, usually those hotel rooms aren’t great about blackout curtains, and usually the sun is busting through pretty early.

If you are sharing a room, maybe with an older sibling, or you and your partner,  this means at 7pm when your baby goes to sleep, you do not need to shut off all the lights and sit in a cave of silence.

There is a space for the baby monitor, and you can stick a fan in there too. The product has been tested rigorously for safety and you can get the base that would make it fit over a full size crib.

What I have currently loved about this is that it separates my kids sleep space. When we are on vacation, they both feed off each others wild energy, so it is an amazing product to just get Nico down, and then Alessa quickly follows in settling down as well.

Can you bring just black trash bags and tin foil to cover windows ? Sure, but this takes all of the guess work out of traveling, and you don’t even need to worry about getting an extra room. Definitely worth the splurge in my book.

I have an affiliate code for $20 off: apresthebump20 and if you are in the Northern Virginia area, I also rent them out for $10 per night if you want to try it out first. Go to their website to have a look

Hushh Sound Machine

This one is self explanatory. This sound machine makes a great noise, comes with a clip so you can click it on anywhere, is super easy to just throw in your bag, and can run for several hours without being plugged in. I have used this for stroller naps, airplane naps, and overnight sleep. It is gold.





Ergopouch Sleep Suit

I came across this brand when I was living in Luxembourg. I absolutely fell in love. The reason I love these sleep sacks for travel is because they come with these little room thermometers that tell you how you should dress your little one based on the room temperature.

Whenever we travel, it doesn’t matter if we are going to a warm or cold weather location, the temperature in hotel rooms and airbnbs are ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE. Even within a same house. Sometimes we will utilize a walk in closet, or bathroom, and I just feel so much more at ease knowing what the actual temperature of the room is and how to dress my kiddo who can’t yet tell me if he is too hot or too cold.

Apart from the thermometer, the sleep sacks are fantastic. They are super soft and I usually travel with both warm and cold weather pajamas that I can layer as needed once we arrive to our destination and I see what the sleep environment is like. They also run really long so we have been using the same one for over a year now which is not the case with most sleep sacks I have encountered.

Those are my top 3, very specific products.

Here are other items I always take on trips:

  • Baby carrier (especially for airports since sometimes the stroller isn’t given at the gate).
  • Stroller (I have traveled with and without my stroller and I just love having my stroller wherever we go)
  • Familiar books your kids love
  • Fitted sheet that smell like home for pack and play
  • The kids stuffed animals
  • Packing cubes to keep everyones things separate and organized
  • Kids water bottles / cups

(A Note: Of course if you don’t bring these items, you can still improvise in a million different ways to get good sleep, I don’t like making parents think they need more stuff just to travel, they just make life easier. Just 2 weeks ago we went on a weekend trip and I forgot the sound machine. Instead we used Spotify on my phone, but what that meant was I couldn’t really use my phone once the kids were down. So still manageable, just not as convenient.)

I hope this was helpful. Let me know if you love and use these products too!

Happy Travels!