How my morning routine has ended my mom rage.

I am 9 days into my 5 am #buttcrackofdawn morning routine, and I am pretty sure I am never going to stop.

So how did I get here in the first place? 

2 weeks ago, at my sleep consultant conference, one of the sleep consultants was being celebrated for the growth of her business. When asked what had been the game changer, she said it was her morning routine. This isn’t a foreign concept to me. A few years back, before having kids, I read the book “miracle morning” and felt super inspired to try it out and change my life in the millions of ways this book promised to change it. I tried it for a few days, but it never stuck. Honestly, at that time, I didn’t really need it. I went to work and after work all of my free time went into taking care of myself.

fast forward 7 years later and here I was wondering if this could be the game changer to my life again.

I was in a completely different space. Mostly in that I had NO space.

I woke up at 6am to my son’s crying, and my day took of from there nonstop servicing my children (1 and 3) with diaper changes, potty trips, breakfast, cleaning up over and over again, walks to the park, dressing, undressing, mommy more milk and on and on and on until 8pm when finally both were fast asleep and all I could manage was zoning off through my social media feeds.

I felt angry. Every. Day. 

If you know me, you know this is insane. I am KNOWN for my joy.

With my children, I had the utmost patience. “Yes love, you can have more milk” , “Let’s go change your poopy diaper baby boy”.

So where did my anger go? To any adult around that had a long term relationship with me.

Namely my husband. Especially because he had a natural freedom that I didn’t. His day would also start with the screaming children, but around 9am he could shift his attention to his computer screen and just sit. Even if it was to solve bureaucratic problem after problem. Occasionally he could fit a run into his work schedule, or a trip to the golf range. Heck, he could pee in peace.

I on the other hand spent the day frazzled, behind, and rushed. Lugging my little loves around, and rushing to keep them fed, clean, and happy. But what about me? It felt like if I wanted to have time for myself, I needed to send in a two weeks notice that on Saturday I would like 2 hours for myself.

Cue my morning routine.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one called to this, and a few of my sleep sisters and I formed a group to motivate ourselves and create new morning routines.

So what does my morning routine include?

I set the alarm for 5:20am. My little guy normally wakes around 6am so this gives me a little less than an hour to do the following:

  • Make coffee
  • Pray/Meditate
  • Affirmations
  • Visualization
  • Journal
  • Read

I’ve never done any of these things besides read and drink coffee. It is all new. And I am addicted.

I start off journaling whatever is on my mind. Sometimes I just make lists. Sometimes I journal about worries or things I am excited about. Then I pray. I give thanks or ask for help. Listen, I did not grow up with religion. This first felt strange. But now I look forward to it. I have always believed in a greater power, and this time to connect with it has been so filling.

I do some affirmations. I don’t know if those work yet but I don’t mind trying. It is easy enough. I visualize the life I want, and I read 10 pages of a nonfiction book that inspires or teaches.

That’s it.

When my son cries out for me I feel prepared. I have created time for myself. Where all I get to do is reflect, think, and enjoy the silence. When my husband wakes up and comes down with the kids, I feel happy to see him and share whatever came up during my time. Dreams, Ideas, Random thoughts.

I don’t feel angry anymore.

Around day 5 as I was leaving the house to go teach yoga, my husband yelled down “What time do I put the kids down for bed? ” I responded “7pm” and he said “wow, thanks for not biting my head off”.

wow. powerful right? Normally I would have gotten so annoyed at him for asking a question about something that in my head he SHOULD KNOW ALREADY. I realized the morning routine was making serious changes. Not just for me, but also for him. He calls it my commute to nirvana and that couldn’t be more accurate.

I find myself more creative (that’s one of my affirmations!), happier, and more fulfilled than I have in a while.

Mom life has a strange way of grinding you down. It’s just nonstop and sometimes feels unsustainable. I think any busy mom could use this. For me the tipping point was having my second child. If you have two, you know the breaks flat out end. Someone always needs you right?

I personally plan on finishing my 30 days (the time it takes to create a habit), and then moving forward to guiding/coaching more women on this incredible journey.

Imagine the benefit for all of our families, if we were taking care of ourselves first thing.


Step 1: Get your baby to sleep with a predictable routine

Step 2: Take care of yourself

I can help with both.

I would love to know if this resonates with you. Feel free to reach out with your experience. I think it would be cool to share that we aren’t alone.

With love,