4 to 16 Months

Does this sound familiar: Rocking until your arms are weak? Bouncing on the yoga ball your friend recommended you buy at 3am? Setting baby down only to have them pop their eyes wide open the moment you loosen your arm, and having to start over? Nights are like an all you can eat milk buffet and you feel exhausted? I hear ya, and this plan is for you.

At the end of our 2 weeks together, your baby will sleep 10-12 hours per night, will fall asleep independently, you will find more consistency in their naps, and you will finally have the ability to ENJOY your evenings while your baby gets the sleep they need to thrive.

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8 Month Old

“My third baby was not sleeping through the night, so by 8 months old, I was desperate and needed help! If you are on the fence on whether or not to hire a sleep coach – this is your sign to book Stephanie with Apres the bump NOW!! She will meet with you about your daily/nightly routines and will come up with a clear plan to help you and your little one get better sleep. I am now a well rested mother who is back to working out and feeling my best! It’s crazy what lack of sleep can really do to your body. Book her to get your baby sleeping through the night/better naps and to get you feeling like supermom again!”

-Krista from Arlington,VA

4 Month old

Once again, Steph saved the day for us! This time it was for our 4 month old daughter. With two kids and both my husband and I working from home, we needed good sleep habits early on. Before Steph, I was literally in our bedroom for hours on end trying to get our daughter to sleep. Not the most fun of situations! After Steph, I was able to do a sleep routine, put our daughter in her crib and say goodnight, and she can now put herself to sleep independently. When I say Steph is a life-changer, I am not exaggerating. Sprint…don’t run…don’t walk to Steph!”

– Meghan from Ardmore, PA

3.5 Months

“Steph is the baby sleep whisperer!!! This was our 2nd baby, so I considered myself an “experienced” mom. Our first baby slept great and we had no major issues. I foolishly thought it would be the same this time around. NOPE! After a brief tease of sleeping through the night for a month, our son was back to waking up every few hours and mom and dad couldn’t handle it. Our son was 3.5 months old and I thought, “how could we sleep train a baby so young??” Enter Stephanie. She reviewed our routines and discussed our concerns. She gave us options as to what we would be most comfortable with, what worked best for our schedule, personalities, and what would be wbest for his age and why, etc. Stephanie was flexible and gave us a hybrid model that encompassed a gentle method that was good for his young age and another plan that might work better a week later since he was just shy of 4 months old. I’m SO GLAD we did not sit on the issue when his sleep became a problem for us. After a week of losing sleep, I sought her help. Because I knew how good nights could be at this age, I knew I wanted that ASAP for our little guy, too. Even though I thought I knew what I was doing and that I wouldn’t need help…it’s just so true that EVERY baby is different. Our son was sleeping through the night (11-12 hours) after 2-3 nights of using methods that Steph taught us. By the end of our two weeks, his naps became predictable and dependable, too! Stephanie was SUPER responsive to my text messages as that’s what was best for me with a toddler and baby with me all the time. Steph has a super calming demeanor, is very helpful, a natural problem-solver, a fantastic listener, and so knowledgeable. I’m just so glad I didn’t wait to get help for our family. We are all sleeping soundly at night, I can count on naps to get work done, and we couldn’t be happier or more relieved! Thank you, thank you, thank you Steph!”

– Nicole from Alexandria, VA

12 months

“Before working with Stephanie, we were struggling with multiple night wake-ups, feeding back to sleep and inconsistent (sometimes nonexistent!) naps. After 2 weeks of Stephanie’s support, our daughter was sleeping through the night for 12 hours and sticking to a consistent nap schedule! It’s been nothing short of life changing and it was so nice to have Stephanie’s support when questions came up, instead of a list of Google results. Highly recommend working with Stephanie if you are in need of a sleep consultant. Her approach is clear, easy to follow and it works! Can’t recommend her enough!”

-Felicity from London, England