Cruising with small kids

We recently returned from our first cruise trip, and going into it I had no idea what to expect, and honestly, very low expectations. I imagined all sorts of crazy scenarios like sick kids on the cruise, to the kids … Read More

The crib to bed transition

It can be both daunting and exciting to start considering the transition out of the crib. You never know how that first night is going to go and sometimes, if you aren’t prepared, it can open up Pandora’s box of … Read More

Adapting your child’s schedule for summer

Summer time is such a wonderful season to create memories with your little ones. The warm weather, the pool days, the more frequent ice cream outings and ALL THE SUNLIGHT. Everyone is outside and there are so many events going … Read More

Why is my baby taking short naps?

Something most of the families I work with struggle with are short naps. In this blog post I will walk you through what I consider a short nap, why they happen, and how to lengthen it. A little sleep science… … Read More